All You Need To Know
Quality Dresses aims to provide excellent quality dresses with competitive price. From material selecting to fabric tailoring, and from dress sewing to embellishment adding, our professionals take every single step seriously. That is, in, excellent materials joint with masterful handcrafts, thus a quality dress is made to please you. We hope that the customers can buy a good dress from, not the fake ones in the market. The counterfeits may imitate the look, but definitely not the techniques and materials. Following are some differences between dress from and the imitated ones from the market, please have a look.

The Exquisite Workmanship

Gorgeous Embroidery From

An extraordinary embroidery work must have neat stitches and pretty pattern, with glistening crystals the icing on the cake. Making exquisite and delicate embroidery is one of the strengths of craftsmen.

Embroidrery From The Imitators(Right)

Poor embroidery skills with rough stitching and ordinary pattern. Imitations caní»t copy our superbe skills

Marvelous Beaded Work From

Sophisticated masterí»s elaborate handwork makes impeccable beaded work which is neat and firm. Practice makes perfect, craftsmen are very good at beaded & sequined work as well.

Beaded Work From The Imitators(Right)

Beadings are in crooked arrangement and easy to drop. Again, those imitations fail at the craftmanship.

Perfectly Shaped Pick-Ups From

Handcrafted pick-ups and ruches by fine fabrics with superb hand feel and thick texture. With skillful craftsmen excellent handwork can be ensured. Delicate embellishments enhance the dress look.

Pick-ups From The Imitators(Right)

Shapeless pick-ups can definitely not creat any aesthetic feeling. They just imitate the look but caní»t copy the excellent techniques.

The High Quality Fabric

Shimmering Satin From

Having a touch of soft sheen which perfectly reflects the feminine elegance and charm.

Satin From The Imitators(Right)

Satin of low quality has unormal color with dusky sheen, and is lack of texture.

Romantic Lace From

Delicate lace is always the most romantic and elegant element in a dress.

Lace From The Imitators(Right)

Lace of poor quality tells no romance at all and has no sound touch.

Ethereal Organza From

Great choice of organza which is gossamer and soft, creating a vision of fairy tale.

Oganza From The Imitators(Right)

Organza of poor quality has dim color and rough texture, uncomfortable to wear.